The lone tree

In between Ripon and Harrogate sits this tree. It sits next to the National Trust sites of How Hill Cottages and the famous Fountains Abbey. It has people from all over the world coming to take pictures of it, including some famous photographers.

One professional photographer from the local area is Steve Gosling when he has time he will go and take pictures of this tree. Here is a video from Lee Filters YouTube Chanel of Steve using the filters and the tree as a focal point, skip to 8.50mins to see the tree. Lee filters and the tree

I have visited the tree many times now after discovering it by accident one day. It is a great place to learn how to use filters.

Even when not using my camera and filters I have stopped and taken pictures with my phone and no filters are needed at time.

Using Lee filters big stopper and 0.6 hard grad give some great tones and cloud movement.

I have even ventured here at night to get star trails behind the tree.

Swinsty reservoir

At day or night this reservoir is spectacular but last night it was clear, the ducks quacking and the owls hooing. It was cold tho. And to stand there for two hours only seeing a few people on their dog slay (the white light is their had torch as they went around the reservoir), I don’t think they noticed me stood in the dark all in black.

This reservoir is only 6 miles from Harrogate and 18 from Leeds city centre. It is 3.1 mile walk which is accessible by all. If you are not one for small walks you can add fewston reservoir walk to add an extra 3.7miles but there is a few more gradients and not accessible by all (wheel chair access only available for one half but still very steep at times).

The reservoir is very popular in the summer for walkers and runners but it is used all year long by all. Lots of animals to see and it is loved by all ages.

Spruisty bridge

Spruisty bridge was built in the 17th century, carried packhorse traffic between Knaresborough and Ripley. It wasn’t till the 18th century until other roads were constructed.

I used to play here as a kid with family and friends, fishing and family picnics on a sunny day. I remember when cars used to pass the bridge and wade through the water to the other side. This stopped in the late 90s and early 00’s.

How it arrives.

Your print arrives via DPD in two boxes.

First box is the outer protective box.

Pull open the top. No sharp objects needed!

As you can see the outer box protecting and large bubble to help support in the box.

Pull upwards on the handle, pulling the smaller box out of the bigger box.

Lay on a flat surface e.g. Table, counter, floor.

Open the flap to reveal you selected print.

Remove carefully from box. As you can see the print has also a protective layer of wrap tightly to it. Remove from the rear of the print only.

The back framing. Has a hook on the back for a single screw/nail (screw/nail not included).

Here I used two small hooks to the length of the rear framing to support the picture better and level.

This will also be the same packaging for canvas prints, large and small.

Information about available Prints


I have selected 6 prints that are available for print on either Metal/Alumini or Canvas. Sizes range from 18 x 12″30 x 20″. Images are made to order, making delivery times between 6-10 days Deliveries will be made by DPD. Payments are made through PAYPAL link.

Royal Pump Room

Pump Room

In the heart of Harrogate, situated in the front of the famous Valley Gardens sits Harrogate Pump Room.

Hardraw Force


Hardraw force is famous for many reasons, one for its appearance in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. It is also one of Britain’s highest unbroken waterfall from around 100 feet. Hardraw force is located in the heart of the Yorkshire dales near the town of Hawes.

Scalebar Force

Scalebar Force

Scalebar Force is one of the least known waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales and is hidden in a wooded gorge near Settle. With it been least known it still makes an atmospheric and attractive waterfall.

Knaresborough views


The view from Knaresborough castle is one of the most photogenic pictures in the UK, it was also a location for the filming and drawings of Sky Arts “landscape artist of the year 2017”.


Swinsty B n W

Construction of the reservoir started in 1871 and was completed in 1879. Underneath the water is the remains of the Fairfax Family home of New Hall. The reservoir is located west of Harrogate and north of Otley.

Golden Falls

Golden Falls

You will not find Golden falls on any map, it was located by my father and myself during a walk of Thrusscross reservoir. Located under the waters of Thrusscross Reservoir is the remains of west end village, according to my mother this is where her mother was brought up.

Steel wool photography

So steel wool photography, after loosing one of my whisks (yep high tech equipment) I had to buy another which was not as good as the lost whisk. We set out to Fewston reservoir where I had a location idea in my head. We got to the location and i hoped my wide angle lens would be wide enough to get what I wanted. Just!!! I put the steel wool in to my whisk (already attached a rope to it) set up my camera. Took a few shots to get the correct lighting for the final image. After all was set I let the camera carry on taking long exposures at 20s, I then got in to place, lit the steel wool and started to spin it. I waited till the steel wool had fully burned out till going back and stopping the camera. I did this about 3 times till I had used all my steel wool. The steel wool burns for around a minute, when loading it in to the whisk try spread it out to help burn longer as clumping it all together does not work as well as I found out.

So here are some of my images…

Next time I am looking to be further back and so all the sparks can be seen and a different focal point as the reservoir does not stand out too well (you can just make out the Milky Way tho).

Let me know what you think?